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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Starfish Cleft Home

There are times when something happens and it pushes you to a place you were not exactly planning to go. I had thought about starting a cleft house a few months ago and I had been writing trying to fund raise. Basically, I was trying to plan something. Often times life has a way of interfering when you are trying to plan and this is exactly what happened here. Last Sunday, I got a call from the director of the orphanage and she asked me if there was anyway that I could take on any more babies. They were being inundated with abandoned babies and had no more place to put them. We were doing really well at the foster home and were pretty comfortable, just cruising along. I thought it was time to expand and so I decided to start a cleft home much sooner than what I had planned. Nine little cleft babies were delivered from the orphanage this morning. They are all so cute. The youngest Tina is 10 days and the oldest Antonia is 11 months old. We are now a franchise, we started a second apartment on the first floor of our building. I am going to need some additional donations to keep these babies and if there is any way that you would like to make a tax free donation I would welcome it, no matter how small. I figured that if we got 80 people to donate US$25 a month each then we can take care of the children that we have. Should we get more commitments I will increase the amount until we have 20 babies. I believe that the combined force of a group of people has an incredible effect for good and in this case I hope that there will be many people who would be moved by the plight of these babies. Maybe by looking at each one of them, it will make the orphans in China more real. As I write this they have eaten themselves until they are full and have fallen asleep. Today was a truly exceptional day for Starfish. I wish you could have shared in this day here with us. The feeling was just tremendous. Starfish Children's Services has 501 (c) 3 status (20-4682916) and you can set up a recurring monthly donation or a one time donation at the following site:
www.thestarfishfosterhome.org and look under the YOU CAN HELP tab Please make sure you designate where the money is to go. The "original" Starfish, or the Cleft Home. Thanks so much for your support. I am sure there are many people who would agree that I am certifiably crazy. I would answer that I became crazy when nothing else seemed to work. You cannot accuse me of having a boring life. I am sure one day this is all going to turn into an interesting book. You can say that you lived with me through it.Life,
Love and Laughter,Amanda,
with 30 little mouths to feed.Starfish Foster HomeXian ChinaAt Starfish, we have taken care of 67children to date, arranged almost 50 surgeries and had a whopping 18 international adoptions, so our little alumni live all over the globe: the US (latest adoptions to Kentucky and New Jersey), Netherlands, Norway and Spain. Two children are matched at the moment waiting for their families. We currently have 30 babies under the age of 3 1/2 at the foster home.www.thestarfishfosterhome.orghttp://chinesestarfish.blogspot.com chinese.starfishthrower@gmail.com


Oatsvall Team said...

I have a hard time processing this ... Having two daughters from China (1 SN), my heart goes out to each of these precious children ...There faces are so amazingly beautiful ... I will help spread the word !!! Thanks for all you do !!!

Marla said...

You are amazing, Amanda, and such an inspiration to me! I am so honored to be able to be a part of such a wonderful project. Give those sweet babies a hug from me. :)

Ivy said...

These children are in my prayers and heart. We too will help!

Our daughter is a CLP baby and someone helped her:))

Thank God for people like you in this world!


Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, Amanda,
thank you for all you do for these precious little ones.... you are all in my heart and my prayers.
I have fallen in love with Tina, Nick and baby Faith.... how I would love to take them in my arms and call them my own.
God's Speed little ones to your forever families...
Auntie Daleea

(that is right.... if I cannot be their Mommy I have pronounced myself an official Auntie to all of your little ones. ) lol

Holly said...

We are helping to sponsor Antonia and will pray for her until she finds her way home!
I would love to hear your story...did you adopt first and then learn of the need for what you are doing? How did you do it? Did you just head to China with a dream and a smile?
Have you blogged about this?

Steffie B. said...

Hi, it's Steffie...we are fully sponsoring Stella....we feel so blessed to be able to help this sweet child....know that we will pray for her daily and if there is anything you need for her, please contact me. I have given my first paymeny this evening and have it that my credit card will be billed monthly.....God Bless you.....you radiate the love for these children....

Mom To Six said...


We are so honored to be sponsoring sweet little Tim!! We are keeping all the baby's in our prayers.


Ohilda (Mom to another beautiful cl/cp baby, Kai from Zhejiang province.)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh, how exciting to see more babies get all this love... regardless of what you think or say Amanda... you all deserve a huge hug...