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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hosea and Antonia Post Surgery

As you might remember we had two babies have cleft surgeries this past month: Hosea and Antonia. Now that the scars have healed some and they are not so red and swollen, I thought I would show you just how different they look. Thank you so much to Dr Lu for his work on the two babies.

Antonia has not made a big change but Hosea is like a different child. Not only does he look very different, but he is drinking like a boy who has not seen milk in a while. He wants 11 oz of milk at a time and last week he picked up a half a kilo (about a pound). He is also sleeping straight through the night. I am not sure if we could not see him smile before but he is making up for at the moment. His face has so much more expression on it and he is smiling a lot. We are also getting his adoption papers ready with Faith and Clara's and hopefully we will submit them to the Xian CWI soon.

I just heard a day ago, that we might be able to take a lot of our cleft babies
have surgeries through Operation Smile. I need to contact the team and see if they can add us to their schedule. I also have to arrange a lot of volunteers to go because the babies will need a care taker each. This could be as early as next week.

Life, Love and Laughter,

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Amy said...

Amanda, you continue to inspire! The babies are looking so healthy and well LOVED. What blessings to behold! Thank you for all of the photo updates. They are such a treat.

Love and Prayers as you continue to carry out your mission,