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Friday, June 19, 2009

Three Cleft Lip Surgeries

Before I tell you of the latest happenings at Starfish, I want to send out my most sincere congratulations to Robin and Dr Joyce Hill and Hope Foster Home. Dr Hill and her husband have been doing orphan care for 15 years and she is being honored by the Queen of England for her work in China.


First, I have to thank Operation Smile for all their help in getting the surgeries done for the three babies: Nick, Clara and Stella. OpSmile now has a permanent clinic in Hangzhou and they took such great care of our three babies. My most grateful thanks to Rachel, Ruth and Mary who went on a big adventure and took the three babies for this important part of their healing. We loved getting them back with their lips repaired. The stitches will come out on Friday (which is today yes it has taken me four days to write this). I have selected my favorite pictures of the trip. Thank you so much to everyone involved.

On a side note, Antonia has won the battle of the bulge, very decisively I might add. She shot past the 10kg and is now at 10.5kg (23 pounds). I just love the thunder thighs on her. Tim is now second and Bryan not too far behind. Clara, Stella and Nick also have a lot of baby fat, which I love to see. Nick is now downing 10 oz bottles. Jasmine, Karl and Tina are yet to get to the stage but they are doing well. The older babies moved into their new bedroom and are now sleeping on their own. We wanted to give each one of them their own crib but neither Bryan or Tim would hear anything of it. They both cried and cried and no matter how much we tried to console them they did not calm down and fall asleep until they were both in the same crib. The two of them are so attached to each other. You can often hear them laughing when they just play together.

Life, Love and Laughter,

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