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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grandparents' Day Special

The Starfish Celebrate Grandparents’ Day -- Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Grandparents’ Day is a United States Holiday celebrated every year the first Sunday after Labor Day. Marian McQuade founded this holiday in 1973 in West Virginia and spent five years bringing all the states on board with the celebration. Grandparents’ Day is a day to honor the elderly and the love and wisdom they bring to children.

We know here at Starfish how much our babies who have been adopted are loved and cherished by their Grandparents. We hear so many stories from our Alumni’s families about the joy and bond between the Starfish and their Nanas and Papas. Grandparents can help create so many great memories and bring a special relationship to our adopted children.

As our babies at the Starfish Foster Home wait for their forever Grandparents, we’d like to extend an offer to you to give a gift to Grandparents that will make them feel good. For a donation of $30 you will receive a vibrant-colored scratch and UV-resistant keychain with the design “My Grandparents are the Best” printed in gold along with a Grandparents’ Day card. Your kids will be ready to give these to their beloved elders on September 13th.

To order or have sent to a special person in your life please go to our website www.thestarfishfosterhome.org and click on the “You Can Help” page.

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