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Monday, July 19, 2010

From Our Man Kristian in Denmark

Hi Amanda

I would like to write to you,  from a sunny and warm Denmark. I hope you are doing good in China with all the new babies.

I am doing so good! I already understand a lot of the Danish language and I can also say a lot of Danish words. I can say cars, no, more, thank you etc. (all, of course, in Danish) I love to dance to music, I can set the table and help my mom to do the dishwasher (sometimes it helps and sometime it does notJ) I also help my daddy cutting the grass. But most of the time I LOVE to play with LEGO® and I have a lot of it!

We have been to a local fun-park two times, and I really love the roller coaster, the more the better.

When my daddy is at work, my mom and I often go for a walk or we go by bike. We live not far away from the ocean (2 kilometers), and I think it is very funny to throw stones in the water and to build sandcastles. Sometimes I get totally wet, but it is so FUN!

I have been to the hairdresser twice, I have been to the doctor for check and vaccination. I have also had my ears checked, and the doctor found out, that I have a hole in my ear drum. Do you by any chance remember if I had any kind of drain in my ears when I was at Starfish? Oh by the way my mother thinks that I also can say “starfish” and we found one at the beach the other day.

I sleep from 8.00 pm to 8.00am and I get a 1 hour nap in the afternoon. I eat almost everything I am offered. The other day I learned to eat ice creme, and I got a big one. In the beginning of my time I Denmark I did not like rice, but the other day my mom tried again, and now I like it.

Now I will finish my email. Give all my love to everyone that I now at “Starfish”, and please tell the new babies not to cry, because I know they are in good hands!! Also a great hug to you from my mom and dad!!

All my love to you
Kristian (your Tim)

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