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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nine Transformed Faces

We got stuck at the Beijing Airport with four babies for 30 hours trying to get home to Xian. I guess it was not as bad as the 19 800 people who got stuck at the Xian airport trying to get out. Apparently the fog was so bad the planes could not land. Ultimately this does not really mean anything in the grand scheme of things because nine babies out of the 12 we took to Beijing, got their clefts repaired and they all look so different except for Hosea who had his cleft palate repaired, no outward change there.
My most grateful thanks to Dr Lisa Buckmiller and all of the medical team that came with her, you all rock and I love seeing your skills in action. Thank you to Dr Bill Moody who made the arrangements and for finding sponsors for the surgeries, so that we did not need to pay for anything. To Bei Da Hospital in Beijing for all they did to help the children. I appreciate all the hard work that culminated in 21 children getting their faces transformed. I just love the unity that it takes to help the children which focuses on one thing and that is the children. I loved watching the tenderness with which the nannies and volunteers took care of the babies. Thank you all so very much.
We are still in the healing process so things are not looking great yet, but here are some pictures. Some of the babies look like they have been in a bar fight, but when the dermabond coating falls off things will look much better.

Life, Love and Laughter,

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